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Why Upscale travel?

Traveling can be one of the great joys of life. Whatever ranks on our own personal "Best Things In Life" list--whether it be witnessing a purplish-blue sunset, shopping in Paris, eating mud pie, drinking good wine, snowboarding, getting a Swedish massage--to it, we might add traveling. Yet, learning the intricate art of travel poses a challenge for many. And for those of us with small children, the difficulty of the challenge may seem, at least initially, to multiply threefold.

The seasoned traveler knows that behind the magical, musical moments of vacation lies a great deal of preliminary work. Only in the movies do people hop in their cars on a whim and head west to balmy beaches, luxury resorts, and vacation paradise. In the real world, we start with the unglamorous task of first determining the most appropriate destinations to meet our vacation goals. We must then discover the best places to stay, to eat, and how to best focus our activities while on vacation. We then need to plan what we will and will not pack, as well as our mode of transportation, and we might also seek travel deals. Throughout all of this preparation, we try our best not to allow the many details to destroy our sense of humor or to eclipse the excitement of our travel.

This site not only explains why traveling with your young children can be a wonderfully satisfying adventure for everyone in your family, but also elucidates a more European philosophy of travel which we believe allows for deeper and longer-lasting benefits than most Americans are accustomed to experiencing from vacation.



Lessons Learned

The Philosophy of Family Travel
Discerning the right and wrong places to go with your little ones. More>>

Socialization Skills / Exposing Baby
Learning the repetition of travel experience that will allow for good behavior and smooth transitions. More>>

Lisa and Michael: Leaving baby behind
Taking the child promotes peace of mind. More>>

Gaining a Family Experience
Establishing memories with your child on vacations that can be cherished for years. More>>

Choosing the resorts that will work overtime for us to help us unwind. More>>

Dee and Aaron: Budget Motel Vacation
Budget vacations can be exhausting, and not necessarily "budget". More>>

Why Upscale Travel?
Choosing vacation destinations that will luxuriate and satisfy all members of the family. More>>

Programs For Kids
Enjoying peace of mind as our kids play in the resorts' supervised activities for children. More>>

Teresa and Robert: "Adults-Only" Resort
Not all high-end resorts tolerate children. More>>

For Ages Three and Under
Bonded babysitting and babyproofing services can found at certain resorts for the youngest guests. More>>

Searching for upscale, baby-friendly eateries can be a difficult task - but don't worry! More>>

FEATURED RESORT: Meadowood Napa Valley

The Meadowood, in lovely Napa Valley, is characterized by gracious wine country hospitality and a brimming menu of resort amenities: two croquet lawns, seven tennis courts, a 9-hole walking golf course, a 25-yard lap pool, a family swimming pool and a complete health spa providing fitness services such as personal training and luxury treatments. The Meadowood is also a private club and a wine center with two restaurants, The Restaurant, for formal fare, and The Grill, for a more casual atmosphere. Read the full review. More>>