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Romantic Checklist:

To determine the most romantic resorts and hotels, we utilize a scoring system based on the following list of criteria. For each item listed below, a score of 0-5 (with 0 the worst, and 5 the best) was given. We know that mom and dad want a little time together in an inspiring environment when the family vacations, so we include this category. Here is the list pertaining to romance:

  • Inviting, beautiful décor.
  • Room-service anytime (promoting privacy).
  • Balcony. Privacy of balcony. Affords only opportunity to eat and sightsee or also romantic encounters?
  • Quiet atmosphere--absence of traffic and other irritating noises.
  • Music available in the room.
  • Comfortable, fresh-smelling sheets and bedding.
  • Romantic features in room: flowers or champagne left in room?
  • Large windows. Alluring view from room or balcony of ocean, mountains, gardens, etc.
  • Fireplace.
  • Whirlpool or hot-tub in room.
  • Extra amenities in room: thick robes, CD player, books of poetry, extra towels and blankets, etc.
  • Soundproof. Can I hear others? To what extent?
  • In-room bar/coffee maker.
  • Table, comfortable chairs, promoting leisurely dining and conversation.
  • Loveseat or comfortable sofa.
  • Sufficient heat and air conditioning.
  • Windows that open, allowing in fresh air.
  • Feeling of security. Good locks, attentive staff, etc.
  • VCR or in-room films.
  • Turn-down service.
  • Courteous and efficient staff. Are requests met in a timely manner? (Rudeness and inefficiency create irritation and detract from the experience.)
  • Does the staff call me by name when I call the front desk, valet, etc.?
  • Pleasantly decorated lobby and hallways.
  • Grounds for romantic stroll. Gardens.
  • Excellent restaurant(s) on the premises.